RBG Community Safety

RBG Community Safety Officers are constantly active, and work closely with the South African Police Service (SAPS), Metropolitan Police Department and local community leaders, in an ongoing quest to combat crime.
Community Safety is about making residents feel welcome and secure in their neighborhood

Properly securing your residential community means knowing every corner of it, physically and personally. Security guard services are customized to meet the needs of every community. Whether you need to have a security guard at the gate or patrolling the neighborhood, RBG Health, Safety and Security offers only the best community security services in SA.

Residents will get to know us
• Team of knowledgeable security officers dedicated to your community
• Courteous while enforcing security officer guidelines
• Highly trained security officers who continually update their qualifications
• The latest community database software for efficient access control
• The latest hardware for streamlined operations
We hire, develop, and retain some of the best community security guards in SA. RBG Health, Safety and Security officers understand the importance of staying at the top of their game. That means regular review of procedures, continual training, and accountability for all actions taken, ensuring our security guard services stay top notch.

Residential and Gated Community Security Guard Services

• Regular neighborhood mobile security guard patrol, including common areas
• Gate attendant security guard
• Residential high-rise concierge desk security officers
• Planned community security plan design

RBG Health, Safety and Security is your solution for security concerns in your community

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RBG Community Safety